Los Encuentros didácticos son encuentros breves e intensos online dedicados a muchos temas. Un experto en el tema los dirige e incluyen trabajos y debates prácticos entre los profesores de toda Europa. A continuación está la lista de los encuentros de este trimestre. Los encuentros aparecerán anunciados una semana antes de comenzar. Para más información, hacer clic aquí.
  • eTwinning 3.0

    Fecha: 19.09.2013 a 28.09.2013
    Working language: English
    Experts:    Bart Verswijvel & Arjana Blazic
    Applications closedeTwinning represents a unique opportunity for students and teachers to connect and to network in a safe environment where they can engage in active learning, create new resources and share them so that others can reimagine, remix and combine them into new, rich and easily accessible learning content.  This learning event will focus on a new educational paradigm, whereby the emphasis is placed on self-driven learners as creators of knowledge and where the process of education is significantly transformed. The Learning Event will encourage participants to implement the three C’s: connect, create and combine. It is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Creative Hands in the TwinSpace  (restricted to Turkish teachers)

    Fecha: 07.10.2013 a 17.08.2013
    Working language: TurkishExpert:Adil TUGYAN
    Applications open: restricted to Turkish Teachers onlyThis learning event is for Turkish teachers only. During the course new eTwinners will learn how to use the TwinSpace effectively and will be introduced to  some of handy 2.0 tools that will help them carry out their project works better and also enable them to make their projects more visible. It is suitable for newcomers and those who wish to gain more experience in the use of the TwinSpace.
  • Using iPads in eTwinning

    Fecha: 07.10.2013 a 23.11.2013
    Working language: English Experts:Karl Malbert, Sofia Hög, Johan Nyberg and Björn Broberg Applications open:  28 September
      The aim of this Learning Event is to inspire teachers who use tablets such as iPads with their pupils. During the event, teacher will get the opportunity to explore free apps, suitable for eTwinning projects in general. The Event is divided into four tasks each one lasting one week. Each task takes approximately 2-4 hours or more to complete, depending on how ambitious you are. It is suitable for teachers who have access to an iPad2 or later with experience of downloading applications.
  • Alati i kompetencije (restricted to teachers from Slavic countries)

    Fecha: 10.10.2013 a 19.10.2013
    Working language: Croatian Experts:Arjana Blažić and Suzana Delić Applications open: special application for teachers from Slavic countries.
    Participants in this Event will become acquainted with the Web 2.0 tools that will be used in teaching and eTwinning projects to develop key competencies in their students. Emphasis will be on developing the skills of critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Attendees will learn how to use new technologies as a means to achieve educational outcomes in different educational contexts. Participants will develop practical activities after the completion of network training can implement in the classroom. It is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Music in eTwinning 2

    Fecha: 21.10.2013 a 31.10.2013
    Working language: English Experts:Kurt Schiegel
    Applications open: 14 October
    This Event will build on the experience of  the previous Event with further exploration on how to discover legal and royalty free music resources to use in projects.  The participants will also learn various simple methods to produce their own music and publish it. It is suitable for teachers with some experience on using online tools.
  • Finding Partners in eTwinning

    Fecha: 04.11.2013 a 22.11.2013
    Working language: English
    Experts:Irene Pateraki & Anne Gilleran
    Applications open: 26 October
    This Event will concentrate on active means for finding a partner in eTwinning. By the end of the event we hope that all participants will have link up with a partner and have formulated a project idea to get them started on the road to collaboration. It is suitable for all eTwinners who are looking for a partner, in particular those who have not yet participated in a project.
  • Communication in eTwinning

    Fecha: 06.11.2013 a 20.11.2013
    Working language: English
    Expert: Adam Stepinski
    Applications open: 30 October
    The importance of communication in the success of an eTwinning project is immense. Careful communication planning and setting the right expectations is crucial. This Event combines some pedagogical and methodological principles and clues with a bunch of practical tasks concerning the use of selected synchronous and asynchronous tools in eTwinning. We'll try to refer to the issue that if we realise  the fact that various communication methods support different purposes, then choosing them needs to be our conscious decision based on project priorities and goals. It is suitable for eTwinners with a rudimentary knowledge of various online communication tools.
  • Lebendige eTwinning Projekte durch Videos - Tools und Einsatzszenarien

    Fecha: 07.11.2013 a 21.11.2013
    Working language: German
    Expert:Michael Gros
    Applications open: 31 OctoberThis Event will explore the use of video in an eTwinning project. Where we can use videos with the webcam in a project for example?  How we can use screencasts effectively for an eTwinning project?  This Event is suitable for all eTwinning teachers, experienced and inexperienced.
  • Go Vocational in eTwinning

    Fecha: 18.11.2013 a 29.11.2013
    Working language: English
    Expert:Hilde Kletzl
    Applications open: 10 NovemberThis Event is aimed primarily at teachers of Vocational subjects in second level schools. The participants will explore how best to integrate ideas of vocational education in their classroom practice as well as developing practical ideas for eTwinning projects with a focus on Vocational training. It is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Web 2.0 tools: Learning by doing

    Fecha: 25.11.2013 a 06.08.2013
    Working language: English
    Expert: Robert Conings
    Applications open: 18 November
    In this interactive Learning Event (LE) participants will get assignments about some Web2.0-tools. The selected tools are suitable for your projects and are easy-to-use. The Event is aimed at Web2.0-new comers but everyone who is willing to participate in an active way is welcome. At the end of the LE there will be a videoconference and evaluation session.

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